Let's Talk...

• Let’s talk about your personal situation and lifestyle and what you need in a new home.
• Let’s talk about where you want to live if you haven’t yet bought a block.
• If you have a block already, let’s talk about the unique characteristics of the location.
• Let’s talk about your budget and what you can afford.
• Let’s talk about what to expect from the experience of building with Bundy Homes.

Bringing Your Dreams & Needs Together

In any new home there are the practical things that you need to have, and there are the special touches that make it uniquely yours. Let’s talk about what’s realistically achievable and how we can bring your dreams and your needs together as much as possible to build a home that you’ll love.

Your Inspiration, Our Know How

Inspiration comes from many places – other homes, websites, magazines, and your own vision of what life will be like living in your new home. There’s only one way to know what’s possible – let’s talk.

We Value Your Input

For the home to feel like it’s truly yours, you need to be part of the process of envisaging, designing it, and building it. We make sure you never feel like an outside observer.

The Best Start For First Home Owners

If this is your first home, you may not have the budget to build your ultimate dream just yet. However, building a quality home that meets your needs is a great start and ensures you have a solid base to move forward when you’re ready to upgrade.

We Also Build Quality Investment Properties

Astute investors know that property is a long-term investment. Starting with a quality home reduces your long-term maintenance costs, makes it easier to attract good tenants, and ensures the best possible valuation in any given market.

You may also enjoy tax benefits by opting to build a new home. Ask your accountant for advice.

Why you’ll always get the best priced top quality home with Bundy Homes

  • We do everything in our power to make sure that building a home is the exciting and happy experience that it should be with no nasty surprises.
  • Our quotes reflect the complete final cost of a well-built home. No cutting corners. No surprises. In fact, it is not unusual for you to get money back at handover time. In our experience, cheaper quotes end up being either identical to, or more expensive, than our original fully-inclusive, fully-transparent quote.
  • Most of our business comes from referals or past customers who are building  their second or third home with us. If you don’t know someone who has built with us, we are more than happy to give you the contact details of many who have.
  • We get priority service from our suppliers. We build around 25-30 homes every year giving us fantastic buying power and we pay our accounts weekly - so suppliers love dealing with us.

We are 100% committed to the local area. We are a family-owned business, not a franchise, whose entire business stands on our local reputation. We also have an in-depth knowledge of Bundaberg, and the specific regulations and characteristics that apply to building here.

We commit to:

Being up front and honest with you.

From your first enquiry through to the handover of your new home, we are completely open and transparent. That includes letting you know what’s realistic and in your best interests – even when that news Is not what you were hoping to hear.

Listening to what you want.

We listen to your aspirations for your new home and work on building a home from your point of view. We don’t try to talk you into what’s easy for us.

Being financially sound and not leaving you with a partly-finished home.

We are debt-free and we pay all of our sub-contractors and suppliers within seven days. We have maintained this excellent record over the course of completing hundreds of homes.

Building you the best priced top quality home in the area.

Our homes are engineer-designed and independently inspected at the foundation, frame and completion stages. We take no shortcuts. We retain the best tradespeople in the region by providing continuous work and paying them on time, so you can be assured of quality workmanship.

Charging a set profit margin for building your new home.

We maintain our excellent financial record by never under-quoting to get you to sign with us. This is how we maintain our solid relationships with suppliers and sub-contractors and make sure your home is finished to the highest standard with no shortcuts.

Cost-effectively purchase top quality materials and employ the very best tradespeople.

Our turnover of new homes means we can buy as competitively as any other builder in regional Queensland. We constantly monitor our costs and the quality of our materials and workmanship.

Providing you with a real fixed price contract.

Once a contract is signed, that's the price. The only variation might be if you choose personally selected items after signing the contract that are not within the defined allowances. We encourage you to talk to any of our past clients to verify this.

Providing you a full building design service free of charge

To help you quickly arrive at your ideal design, we employee one of Bundaberg’s most reputable building designers.

Having one very meticulous supervisor overseeing the construction of your home.

Bundy Homes' Building Supervisor, John Zande, is available to meet with you as required. John’s eye for detail and uncompromising commitment to quality workmanship is a key to our exceptional record.

Complete your new home in the agreed time frame.

We guarantee it! Good planning and efficient processes ensure we meet our timeframes.

Offer you great after sales service.

If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. We stand behind all the homes we build and want to ensure your new home meets all the standards we said it would. Our financial good standing means we will be around to honour all warranties.

When you build with Bundy Homes, you're helping to support over 100 local families