Living Plans To Suit Every Lifestyle

Our new home designs have been created by our local and experienced Building Designer to maximise your living space, take advantage of the natural climatic conditions of your block, and to let as much natural light and ventilation into your home as possible.

Any of our plans can be changed (without upfront costs by you) to more accurately reflect your requirements, or we can custom design your new home in a meeting with our building designer.

The Experience To Tackle Unique Projects

If you’re looking for something a little different we can certainly help you make it a reality. We have built hundreds of quality homes in a variety of styles using a range of building techniques.

These include ‘standard’ one and two storey brick, cladded, and block homes as well as homes that have been specifically built to suit their environment such as beach houses or bush retreats. We have also built homes with numerous flooring system options and mixed external finishing styles.

We build on your land in Bundaberg, the coast, Childers, Gin Gin and Moore Park.

Start with one of our plans, or we can design yours from scratch

When we start talking about your new home we listen to what you want. We also give careful consideration to the size, shape, and aspect of your block, the climate, and your budget to come up with a design that delivers a liveable, and lovable, home.

As a starting point, we have hundreds of plans in our library which you can make changes to – or you can just start from scratch. Either way, it’s important for you to know that it will not cost you any extra to create a custom designed developed by Bundaberg’s best building designer.

Of course, you are also welcome to bring your own plan and have us build it to the highest standard.

Your New Home – Step By Step

1. Get In Touch

Email, call or simply drop into our office to set up an initial meeting and get to know each other.

2. Let’s Talk

Let’s discuss your needs and aspirations for your new home. We can show you some of the plans we have that you can modify or you can bring in the plans you’ve already drawn up.

3. Approximate Costs

At this stage we’ll be able to offer a ‘ballpark’ figure to help you with some of the decisions you need to make next.

4. Look At Some Homes

View our display home and we are also happy to take you to a selection of our homes in various stages of construction so you can see first-hand some of the items we are discussing with you.

5. Detailed Costing

We will give you a detailed costing based on essentials and the choices you have made.

6. Preliminary Plan

Our building designer will create an initial plan for your home based around your needs and budget.

7. Your Feedback and Changes

We will work with you to incorporate any feedback and changes into your home plan.

8. Final Plan

Our building designer will finalise the plan for your new home.

9. Detailed Quote

We will provide a detailed written quotation that includes everything for your new home.

10. Let’s Make It Official

This is where we sign off on all the contractual paperwork.

11. Finance

You need to get your finance approved and in place if required.

12. Building Approval

We will deal with all relevant authorities to get your building approval.

13. Let’s Get Started

Preparation of the site so the exciting bit can get underway.

14. Let’s Keep Talking

Communicate each week with you with regards to the building scheduling and any things you need to do.


16 weeks from the foundation going down, you can move in to your new home

Where We Build

At Bundy Homes, we only build in the Bundaberg region. We know Bundaberg, its specific regulations and the quirks and characteristics of the different estates and areas within the region. We stick to the places we know well so we can guarantee our work.

Our Inclusions

... are the most comprehensive you will find in the area.

Our tradespeople (all local), and most of whom have been with us for 10 plus years, are the best in the area.

Our suppliers are local wherever possible, and have only great reputations in respect of their reliability, quality of product and warranties.

You can "mix & match" our inclusions, or have whatever you wish. In the over 800 homes we have built, we would have most definitely built whatever you want before!

Your home, no matter what inclusions you opt for, will be of the finest quality.