The bathroom. Along with the kitchen, it is one of the rooms that can be deal clincher or a deal breaker when it comes to selling a home.

That is largely because these rooms will have little or no extra furniture in them, so the design and style of the room and the fixtures have to be practical for everyday use, create a pleasant feel, and suit the personal tastes of the homeowners.

A bathroom that is not right can be a daily source of aggravation for the owner. A bathroom done well makes living in the home much more pleasant.

As Builders We Have a Blank Canvas

As new home builders, our challenge is to ensure that our customers will not only love their bathroom but that we provide good advice on the latest trends in design and fixtures.

Some of the contemporary options we see people choosing to create their perfect bathroom include:

  • Different ways to style and build in soap/shampoo recesses or ledges
  • Moving away from conventional white or chrome to colours such as black for tapware
  • Frameless, semi-frameless, and walk-behind showers
  • ‘Smart tile’ and grate waste outlets
  • Wall-hung or ‘floating’ vanity units
  • Shelf-style or one-piece top vanities
  • Either trimmed or frameless-edge mirrors

How to Check Out Some of These Ideas

Our newest display home features many of the latest concepts in bathroom fixtures and design. You can take a virtual tour right now or make an appointment to inspect it in person by calling 0431 250 092 to arrange a time.

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