This is something that causes confusion because when many people see a builder’s sign on a block offering a house and land package, they assume that they not only have to use that builder, but they will also need to buy the block through the builder. In fact, you will find that more often than not, you can use any builder of your choosing.

Here’s why…

When marketing a new estate, it is common practice for the developer to allow a builder, or several builders, to put signs on lots offering a house and land package. It makes good sense to work together for mutual benefit. The builders have their name in a prominent place and the developer gets their land sold for them.

HOWEVER, it is important to know that in most cases it is just a marketing strategy and the builders don’t actually own the block.  Furthermore, there are usually no binding conditions that require the land buyer to use a certain builder. Most of the time, you can purchase the block you want and use whichever builder you want.

There are always exceptions of course. Sometimes builders will actually purchase several blocks in an estate and on-sell them as genuine house and land packages. There are also some estates where you will be required by the developer to use a builder that has been approved by them – this is far more common in capital cities than it is in regional areas such as Bundaberg though.

So, when you see a sign that says something such as ‘House & Land Package’ or ‘Build This House on This Block For $450,000’, it pays to find out exactly what the situation is.

Of course, if you ever need help or advice regarding building a new home you can always talk to us at Bundy Homes. If you are thinking of building with us, we are happy to make enquiries about particular blocks on your behalf, or even help you find the perfect block for your new dream home.

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