Plenty of builders will tell you that they listen to their customers to build a home that really meets their needs and desires. Some are genuine while other builders will appear to listen before pushing the customer towards options that are easy for them as the builder.

At Bundy Homes, we have a very specific view of what we believe collaboration involves and the processes that must take place to ensure it happens with each and every client.

It Starts With the First Meeting

From our very first meeting, we will listen and ask questions to find out about the practical things you want as well how you envisage your lifestyle in your new home.

Our advice…

If your builder skips this bit and goes straight to showing you what they can do, have a chat with a few other builders before making your decision.

Meeting With the Designer

The designer should not be an inaccessible person that you can’t talk to. By providing your direct input, the designer can advise you on the options available to meet your needs.

Our advice…

If the builder won’t let you talk to the designer, you need to ask why.

Standard Inclusions

All builders will have a list of standard inclusions but sometimes it only covers what the regulations require and you may find yourself shelling out extra for some of the items you want.

Our advice…

Check to make sure that your contract covers everything you need and that any upgrades, such as tiles or bench finishes, you request are covered so there are no nasty surprises later on.

Look At the Builder’s Other Homes

By that, we don’t just mean our display home. Many of our customers are happy to let us show you their homes in various stages of building so we can show you first-hand the workmanship that goes into them. It also means we can show how some of the ideas we may have discussed will work in a real home.

Our advice…

You can’t see the workmanship that goes into the things under the surface in a display home and you only get to experience the design and features of that particular home. Ask the builder if you can also inspect some of the other homes they are currently building or have recently finished.

Consistent & Open Communication

During the building process, with Bundy Homes you will get:

  • Weekly progress updates and advice on anything you need to do next.
  • The opportunity for an onsite meeting whenever you require one.
  • The opportunity to talk directly with our tradies to ensure they understand exactly what you want.

Our advice…

Make sure your builder is keeping you up-to-date and if they aren’t, insist on regular progress reports. Secondly, while safety regulations mean you can’t just turn up and start walking around the building site, it’s your home and you should be able to request a site visit when you like.

Real Collaboration Means Real Quality Built for You

That’s what we believe real collaboration looks like and it’s the reason why Bundy Homes have an outstanding record of working with home owners who are ecstatic about the quality home that we have created…together.

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