When it comes to the look, feel, and practicality of your kitchen cupboards and benchtops, the number of options has increased vastly in recent years no matter what your budget. Advances in cabinet making materials and technology mean that it is easier and more affordable to express your own personal style at the same time as improving useability and keeping costs down.

Benchtops and Cupboard Fronts

Not that long ago all you had to choose from was a standard (minimal and boring) range of laminates at one end of the scale, and at the other, granite or Caesar stone for benchtops and two-pack for cupboard fronts.

There was no ‘in-between’.

Nowadays, laminate finishes come in many different styles and specifications. If you like the stone look but can’t afford the genuine thing, there are plenty of stone overlays or ‘stone look’ options available that cost only slightly more than standard laminate.

Likewise, with cupboard fronts there are many laminate styles available including gloss-look products that achieve a similar stylish appearance to two-pack.

Handles and Mechanisms

The range of handles available is huge so you should have no trouble finding handles in a style that fit with what you envisage.

The ‘no-handle’ look is also a popular option for modern kitchens utilising push-to-open hinges inside the cupboards and drawers.

Soft-close drawers are also a popular choice which have become a lot more cost-effective in recent years.

Smart Use of Your Space

Modern cabinet designs allow you to make efficient use of the space available. Modern trends such as using drawers over doors, pull-out cabinets, and pull-up/hatch cupboards help eliminate or reduce problems such as:

  • Unused air space in cupboards
  • Piling things up untidily in cupboards
  • Having to bend unnecessarily or get on your hands and knees to reach things in low cupboards

Talk to Us About Your Kitchen

At Bundy Homes we work closely with our cabinet maker, Glen Boys from Master Cabinets, to make sure we are across all the modern trends and latest innovations. We are proud of the fact that our dedication to quality and useability has been recognised with several awards for our kitchens.

Your kitchen will be a central part of your new home. Let’s get it right.

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