It’s been the go-to emotional hook used by the building industry for many years now…

“We don’t just build a house, we build a home.”

Unfortunately, it’s often just marketing lip-service rather than a genuine approach that carries over to the customer experience.

So, let’s get serious about this idea of a ‘home’ versus a ‘house’.

What are the practical things a genuine ‘home builder’ does differently to a builder who just constructs a building for you to live in?

Here are some things to look for in a builder who wants to help you create a home…

They Will Let You Build the Floor Plan You Want

Convincing customers to build the plan that is easiest for the builder is a common tactic. Look for a builder who will build the floor plan you want. If you are starting with one of their standard plans, ensure they are willing to make changes at minimal cost.

They Will Be Experienced and Up Front

If they know something you’ve asked for is simply not going to work based on previous experience, they will be up front and tell you before you sign a contract – not get you signed up and then give you the bad news later. Or worse, let you find out that something looks terrible or is completely impractical after it’s built.

They Have the Capability to Completely Custom Build

Do you want something 100% unique with plans designed from scratch? A ‘home builder’ will be able to accommodate your wishes.

They Will Ask Questions and Listen

The most important aspect of creating a home is finding out what your lifestyle needs and aspirations are, and ensuring your new home fulfils those needs and desires.

Talk to Us About Your Home

At Bundy Homes we talk to you about everything you need and want, and make sure it’s covered before we get you to sign a contract. That way you know you know the finished product will be exactly what you wanted and there are no nasty surprises or unwanted compromises to be made along the way.

We want you to feel like you are moving into your creation, not just something that’s been another job for us, the builder.

Now that sounds like a place you can call ‘home’.

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