What does it really mean to be a ‘local builder’?

Is it having a display home in the local area?

No. Plenty of ‘out-of-town’ companies build display homes in new estates to give them a presence.

Is it using local tradespeople?

That’s a great start but there’s more to it than that…

We think there are two more very important things that make a home builder local:

  1. The owners choose to live in the area and support the community
  2. The profits from the business stay in the local area

What Choosing a Genuine Local Builder Means for You

They know the area well and understand the characteristics of various locations around the region and can offer experienced advice. They also have a sound understanding of local building regulations because they are dealing with them every day. Local knowledge and experience mean no nasty surprises.

A true local builder doesn’t just use local tradespeople, they have long-standing relationships with contractors who they know are reliable and produce quality workmanship. Likewise, the contractors value the relationship with the builder and always ensure their customers are a priority.

When you deal with a real local builder you have direct access to the decision makers. Your consultant doesn’t have to contact head office to find out whether their policy will allow for that special request or change to the plan.

When the owners live in the local area and work in the business every day, you know your home is good hands with someone in charge overseeing its progress daily, not just checking in now and then.

A genuine local builder relies on maintaining a great reputation. They will make sure your building experience is a positive one with no unexpected extra costs. They will be around for follow up service and to honour any warranties. They won’t just knock up a few houses and move on after they have made a quick buck.

And of course, working with a real local builder means that as much as possible of the money that is spent on building your home, and the builder’s profit, stays local. It doesn’t get thrown into the corporate pool. There are no franchise or marketing fees to be paid.  The money supports other local businesses and families.

When you deal with a genuine local builder you are not only dealing with a company that has your best interests as their priority, you are supporting your local community as well.

In the Bundaberg region, Bundy Homes is your genuine local builder.

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